Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Tidy Up

Well I have begun a tidy of all my craft supplies recently and have been dismantling all my mags and only keeping what I want from them. I have however a few freebies that I don't want but someone else might like them.

So if you want any of the following, leave me a comment as to what you want. If one person wants to item, they can have it. If two or more want it I will do a random pick and if no one wants them, then the recycling get them. I will stop taking comments on the 31st Jan for them.

I will be continuing with my clear out over the next few weeks so I may have more things someone out there might be interested in. I just think it's a shame to throw them away if someone is interested in them.

PS I should have mentioned that none of these have been used or stitched from at all so they are all in good condition.


  1. Hi, I'd be interested in any of the items but my mom has expressed an interest in the Christmas panda :-)

  2. How nice of you. I like the Panda and Snowman and the John Clayton.


  3. That's so nice of you :) Thank you so much for being so kind :) If no one else is interested I would love the Birthday ideas one :)

  4. I don't want anything as I have loads of stash but just wanted to say what a lovely idea and how kind of you.

  5. Thanks for the offer, but I think I have all these...that's a bad sign right...?

  6. I am interested in Christmas Panda :)
    Not sure, if you are considering worldwide shipping.

  7. Such a kind offer! I would be interested in the Snowman. My son, who just turned 18 used to watch that movie over and over again! I love the music from it. I even looked to see if there was a soundtrack available.

  8. what a great idea =)
    I have to do that too !!
    I have them all =D
    But I'm sure you're going to please someone


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