Monday, July 7, 2014


Well this month I didn't get any work done on my YOTA piece which is Elegance of the Orient. As I mentioned before I am on a deadline for my Somebunny to Love piece so I was working on that instead. I did also do a couple of mini's and I have been in a gaming mood of late so poor Elegance got nothing this month.

So here she is still:

Dimensions Gold - Elegance of the Orient
I did some work on my Somebunny to Love project and managed to get  most of one of the bunnies done. I am going to try and concentrate on this to the finish. However two more babies (from other people obviously) have been announced so I think a lot of my other projects are going to get sidelined at the moment.

Somebunny to love - The World of Cross Stitching Issue 179
I also finished off my Halloween piece into a small ornie. I really like how this came out and I hope my friend will like it. I must make one of these for myself now as well.

Witch's Pantry - Plum Pudding Needle Art - Just Cross Stitch Oct 2012 - Ornament Front
Ornament Back.
Also I just would like to say that I have been having a lot of trouble with Mobile Blogger lately. Sometimes when I try to post a comment it will tell me the CAPTCHA (the numbers/letters you have to enter to prove you're not a robot) is wrong and when I do it a few times it will have published my comment two or three times. Sometimes I will press the publish button and nothing will happen so then I press it again and maybe a third time before it will work and again it will have published my comments multiple times. If you have received a number of the same comments from me I do apologise. In some cases it won't let me comment on some blogs at all!

So I'm really sorry if I haven't been commenting or commenting too much lately :)


  1. Your geisha lady really is elegant! Love the ornie finish as definitely need one for yourself too :)

  2. the geisha is very beautiful, your ornament is sweet

  3. Great finish on the Halloween ornament! Good luck at getting your bunny finished so you can get back to Elegance.

  4. Very nice finishing job! Love the backing fabric you used. The bunny is too cute.

  5. Somebunny is going to be so cute!

    Great finishing job!

  6. Your lady geisha is so beautiful..
    Some bunny is so cute too..
    Love xxx

  7. The ornament finish is super sweet :)

  8. Love the ornament finish!! The geisha colors are spectacular even if she didn't get any extra this month.

    I am having problems with blogger mobile too. I'll get the comment pecked out, enter CAPTCHA (or not) and push publish... and the page refreshes without my comment! Very frustrating. I definitely wait til I can get on my computer to comment.

  9. Cute ornie finish. The bunny is looking good.


  10. Beautiful ornament finish! Good luck with stitching for everyone in your baby boom.

  11. I've had the same problem, stupid blogger always has something up! Loving your fabric you used for the ornament, really gorgeous colour. Xxx

  12. Beautiful stitching, and great finish on the ornament! I love the fabric for Somebunny.

  13. Your Yota is almost done!! :) looking great!
    Looking forward to see some more on your somebunny :)
    Very nice ornie! Congrats on your finish!

  14. Great finish! The bunny looks great :)


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