Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lesson Learned, Lesson Shared!

Hey everyone, my apologies I know I have been missing in the last week. We had visitors so of course there was a lot of work to be done before and no crafting was done during their stay. Though I have to admit I didn't miss the crafting as it was very pleasant having them stay with us.

However something did happen which I would like to post about so that I can share a hard lesson I have learned. Over the weekend us and our guests went to a local woods for a walk. There is an enclosed car park there for people to leave their cars. I had a bag with me, like most ladies I don't go anywhere without it. However as we were going for a walk I decided to leave it behind.

Like I'm sure many of you have been told, I put my bag in an enclosed boot so it could not be seen. After a pleasant walk of less than an hour, as it started to rain, we returned to the car to find the back window smashed, seats dropped and bag gone. 7-8 cars were all hit at the same time and way, the thieves went mostly for car boots.

While I am sure the thieves were only interested in cash and maybe electronics, I lost far more than that. I have been feeling such a sense of intrusion ever since. I had bank cards, loyalty cards, ID, electronics and more, including a couple of personal and irreplaceable items which I am sure are now lying in a bin or field somewhere. I have spent a number of days trying to replace and cancel a number of services.

Once I think about it, it isn't as surprising that despite following the advice about keeping valuables out of sight, they were not safe. It isn't like those who would engage in this behaviour wouldn't have heard the same thing and learned where to hit.

My advice to all is this, do not believe that valuable out of sight are inaccessible. I will never leave my belongings in a vehicle again and it has also taught me to only have essentials in my bag when I go out. A few things that were in my bag had no need or reason to be there for the days activities. I know all this probably sounds like common sense, but I have told some others this story and the responses I have gotten are 'I do that all the time, I thought it was safe'

Keep safe.


  1. Hello!

    I'm sorry to hear about your bag being stolen. I too wonder where to leave a bag in a car that would be a safe place. Thank you for mentioning this.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your visitor's stay.

  2. Sorry to hear about that. It's really difficult if someone smashes windows...then nothing is safe inside.
    Glad to know you had nice time with your guests.

  3. Sorry to hear of the bag being stolen. Am glad that you got to visit with your friends.


  4. So sorry that this happened to you. Thanks for the warning. I have always placed valuables in the boot - will do so no longer.

  5. Oh dear...having one's purse stolen is one of those real inceonveniences! The trouble to get new cards and ID docs etc etc! Just such a bother!

  6. I felt exactly like that when we were burgled!! This time my valuable were in my home :) Hope you can cancel all cards before they can have a go at them xox

  7. How awful! So sorry this happened to you. I can't imagine how violated you must feel, and I hope that feeling lessens in time.

  8. Sorry to hear about your experience. I had my car broken into a few years ago and although all they got was my sat nav, I can appreciate just how you feel. xx

  9. So sorry to hear of your bad experience. I've had my house broken into before now and I know how horrible that feeling of having your space intruded on is.

  10. Oh dear...what an awful experience. Maybe you could report the case and lock the access to all those cards :-( I totally understand your feeling right now. Stay strong and don't be so frustrated. All the best.


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