Friday, September 5, 2014

A Few Hours

I managed to settle down to a few uninterrupted hours on SomeBunny last night and I am very pleased with my progress. I got most of the little girl bunny's dress stitched. This dress is way more time consuming than the boy bunny's outfit as the colours keep changing.

Somebunny to Love - The World of Cross Stitching Issue 179
I don't think I will have an update on Elegance for you tomorrow as I'm going to do my very best to stick with this and finish it once and for all. I really don't know why I have had such a block with this pattern. It just happens that way sometimes I think.


  1. Hello!

    Somebunny is looking really pretty (:
    Sometimes I find that if I have to do something with a deadline I just can't seem to get into it.
    Have a good (stitching) weekend (:

  2. Bellissimo, e che bel colore di lino

  3. It's so sweet..
    Perfect cute..
    Hugs x

  4. Stick with it. It is adorable.


  5. It's looking cute!!:) these days I too stick to one project for quite sometime .

  6. Beautiful stitching! I always enjoy seeing your progress on Somebunnies :)

  7. It is looking great. The bunnies are soooo sweet.

  8. This is looking so pretty, love the fabric you are stitching on.
    hugs, Kaye

  9. It's all good stunner, I feel the same way about my Yota project, even though I love him dearly it's hard to pick up. SomeBunnies are very cute I hope you find the love for them again soon sweetie!

    xo Alicia


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