Monday, May 23, 2011

Mixing Thread Brands

I'm not sure about how other stitchers feel about this but my own opinion is not to mix thread brands. When buying your thread buy all the thread you need in one brand, such as DMC. Personally I use DMC alot however I would also use Anchor on occasion.

Conversion charts are freely available on the web which will give you an idea of the corresponding colour of DMC in Anchor as well as other brands, however I have checked some against each other and the conversions are not exact (which isn't surprising really as they are different manufacturers using different supplies). Often a chart will suggest a brand and usually I would go with that suggestion but that is completely up to you.

Another quick thing, some people will say to get all your threads for a particular design in one batch so that threads where you need more than one will all come from the same dye lot. This makes sense as different dye lots have subtle variations so you may get the same number but the actual colour may be slightly different.

However if you are doing a project and you need more than one of a particular colour you can get them all at once or you can see if that colour is all in one block or if it spread out, all in one block definately buy from same dye lot, spread out and the choice is up to you.

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