Monday, January 31, 2011

Jumper Disaster

Being the type of person I am when I started knitting, I first knitted a scarf (I always wanted a really long scarf but could never find one). Then I decided to move into the big leagues with a long jumper of bamboo yarn with cable decoration.

To all new knitters I don't want to deter you from jumping in at the deep end, I always do, as I find that it helps me learn really fast. However might I suggest picking something made from a reasonably priced yarn and not, as I did quite, an expensive yarn.

The other problem I found with the bamboo yarn was that it stretches. This is a beautiful yarn I will admit, it is lovely and soft, however it can be difficult to work with.

My mother, in her infinite wisdom as a knitter, suggested that I start with a sleeve as it was small and if I found the project too difficult I would have less to rip. However I found that the sleeves were very difficult as there is a lot of increasing and decreasing.

I will not bore you with full details of my jumper knitting, I did enjoy doing the cables and I learned loads. However when I was putting the whole thing together I found the disaster. One sleeve was wider and longer than the other. I have not had the heart to rip it and redo it. This was the one piece that I took out looked at, and showed to people and I feel that the weight of the yarn caused it to stretch.

Since then I have knitted a full jumper, a number of scarves, a bag and most of another jumper.

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