Friday, February 10, 2012

HAED QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask Updated 10/02/12

Here is a recent update of my progress on QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask. I think she is looking really well. Very happy that I have a good bit of a wing and some of the mask done. However both these areas have had a lot of confetti in them.

QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask

I am a little unsure about how the face is going to turn out, will need to stitch more of it before I will have a good idea of how it looks. Want to get the mask finished then on to that partially completed eye. Once they are done page 1 will be finished.

Still experimenting with my photography, think I may need to see if I can wrangle some lessons.


  1. Looking great. I don't generally mind confetti as it gives a wonderful look when the piece is done!! Grats on the progress, and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks you. I also don't mind confetti all that much, sometimes it can be very difficult, but I find once you get a system going it isn't too bad. Sometimes when you start seeing the detail come together it can be quite exciting.


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