Friday, February 10, 2012

For Beginners: Marking your chart

Just thought I would do a brief piece on marking off symbols on a cross stitch chart. Marking off the symbols you have already stitched can be very useful as it helps you see what you have and have not stitched. This would be particularly useful in charts with a lot of colour changes. Also when you put a project away you can see exactly where you are when you come back to it.

The first thing I do is make a working copy of my chart. When I started cross stitching I never marked my charts, then I started using just use a regular pencil and draw a line through the symbols I had stitched. Now however I use colour pencils to a colour the symbols I have stitched. I find this makes it a lot easier to see than a regular graphite pencil.

Having read what other people do to mark their charts, I tried using highlighters to colour the symbols, however I found with these types of pens that the ink got on the side of my hand and got transferred to the material I was working on.

Colour pencils work best for me as they are relatively easy to colour over with another colour if I accidentally mark the wrong symbols, they are brightly coloured and therefore easy to see and there is no risk of transfer to my material.

Hope this has been of use to anyone starting out cross stitching.

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