Monday, February 6, 2012

HAED Fairy with Butterfly Mask Update 6th Feb

Well I have been doing a bit of work on Fairy with Butterfly Wings. As my arm is still quite sore after my fall, I found it difficult to manage the larger frames so I thought I would do some work on this QS.

I haven't managed to get a huge amount done and mostly it has been 310 and 939 which has been easier for me to manage because I don't have to keep changing colours that way.

Fairy with Butterfly Mask

I have to admit I have had to exert a huge amount of self control not to start one of the Hannah Lynn designs after seeing some other bloggers progress on them. However I will do my very best to be good and not start any new projects until I have finished a least one of my WIP's.

This photo I was playing around with the aperture size on my camera as well as the brightness, contrast and saturation in GIMP. I also took it in natural light which I think has made a bit of a difference.

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  1. Oh, she looks great. I love those splashes of bright green in there. :)


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