Friday, February 3, 2012

Early Morning Mishap

Well I have had an eventful week. I was rushing to catch my bus on Tuesday morning at about 7.00am. It had been raining fairly heavily all night so the pavements were quite wet.

I pulled out my phone to check the time, as it automatically updates the time from the satelite so I always trust it. I was wearing a pair of wedge heeled work shoes, good quaility ones. Then as I was about 2 minutes away from the bus station I slipped on the slick pavement and fell on my left side.

I hurt my left arm quite badly but all I could think of was, I need to get up to catch the bus. So with much effort I managed to get up and get my bus for the hour and half long journey.

Went to the doctor the next day, the arm isn't broken but there is some damage so now in a sling for a few days. This puts a major cramp on things as I really want to get some crafty work done but with only one arm really usable that is difficult. I might try some cross stitching tonight.

Well maybe I can get some of the research work I have been meaning to do for ages done instead. Did get the chance to watch a fairly weird but interesting movie called Across the Universe. It's a musical romance with all the songs being covers of The Beatles. The singers were amazing, so for fans of The Beatles or just fans of an unusual romanic story with some really weird and bizarre stuff thrown, in it is a good watch.

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