Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here there be monsters!!

I got this book a number of months ago and have been making up the monsters when I have time. They are now positioned in strategic places all over my house.

Here are a couple of monsters I made a couple of nights ago. These are simple press out and scored figures all you need is some PVA glue. They are loads of fun to put together and people have a good laugh finding them in our cupboards and on the bookcases. Each character has a fun and witty little description to go again with them. So without further ado I wish to introduce you to Zombunny and Cab & Lyle.


Cab and Lyle - together as it should be

Cab and Lyle - Separate

I haven't quite decided where to put these little guys. Hope you like them.


  1. Thanks, I do really like them they are just so much fun.

  2. They are so cute... and they seem so much fun to assemble ;) great work :D


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