Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's the little things - comment response

I got a number of responses to my last post about my first completed mini flower of my four intended mini projects. Your comments inspired me to write this quick little piece.

There are some little things that I really enjoy when I'm crafting, so I thought I would share a little with you all. Feel free to add the things that make you giggle a little while crafting if you like.

The first is a silly little one but we have a small room in our house with wooden floors and a large wooden table. When the sun shines into this room there is a really nice smell of warmed wood. When I step into that room the peace and quiet makes all my stress melt away.

When I am working on a HAED, I get a little thrill when I finish all my parked threads in a 100 stitch block, when I finish each 100 stitch block and when I finish a half and full page.

When card making, I really love when I feel I have gotten my colour and layout just right.

As cross stitching is without a doubt the biggest test to patience of any craft I have tried, doing a mini project can be really nice. In response to comments about stitching mini projects and having a small project to do while traveling, it feels really great to have a finish in between all the large projects (which sometimes feel never ending). Also small projects can look really cute and pretty.

I hope this has been a little interesting to you all. Feel free to let me know if it wasn't, I would really love to know.

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  1. It was totally boring. Okay, lol, I'm just kidding. I'm so nosy, I want to read everything you have to say!! I like the warm wood sensation. I bet it's nice to sit in that room too, for a little while. (Wood chairs equals uncomfortable after a while.) I love to sit in my chair at night (late at night) with the warm breeze blowing in through the window and the quiet of the night surrounding me. Since I live on a very busy thoroughfare, there are traffic sounds until about midnight. Then they pick back up at about six am. So I stitch a lot in the late night and early morning hours. That's my special happiness. It's so peaceful outside, and there's always a nice breeze coming in the window behind my chair. I turn on Pandora and listen to the music... It's just lovely!! I totally understand you finding joy in the small steps as well as the large ones. With my HAEDs, I get a feeling of accomplishment every time I finish a row of ten by tens. (I do all the stitches of the first color in the first ten by ten, then move on to the second ten by ten, etc. Then I do the second color the same way, and the third. When I finish, I have all ten by tens in the vertical row of that page complete. Then, I celebrate. And move right along, lol.) You find your encouragement where you can because most large projects (and I can see you're a BAP girl, like me) take a LONG time to finish. Especially when you rotate! Don't get me wrong, I love my rotation and I make good progress, but I would have more finishes if I didn't rotate. Glad to know you're enjoying the process and doing what you need to do. (If that's a small every once in a while, so be it!) Sorry to write you a novel, but it's something I feel strongly about. You take the encouragement where you can get it.


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