Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elegance of the Orient - update

Well I finally managed to get back to my rotation, however I have had to really fight the urge to make a new start.

I have been working some more of the under skirt on this one as that is my rotation goal for this piece.
In a previous post I said that she looked very weird without the back stitching in her face so I decided to do just that bit to make it look a bit better. I do normally leave all the back stitching until the very end.

Dimensions Gold - Elegance of the Orient.

 I think she is looking quite well, looking forward to finishing her so I can give her to my mother.


  1. She's looking lovely! I'm working, or should really say struggling, with this one. Can't really get into doing her, but yours is looking great!

  2. she is looking lovely the colours are stunning and you mum is going to love her

    Gems xx

  3. She's absolutely gorgeous, and the backstitching makes such a difference to her face.

  4. She's looking downright beautiful! Backstitching can make all the difference!

  5. Thank you for following Finish Friday! I've returned the favor. Your work is lovely, and I'm looking forward to your tutorial on parking threads - hoping it will help me make some forward progress on my HAED!


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