Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oops - it is official......

I have absolutely ZERO self control. I have been absolutely itching for a new start lately but kept telling myself no, finish something first!

Well was feeling fairly rubbish the last little while and I got so fed up I decided that a new start would make me feel better.

So having watched other people work on Hannah Lynn Disney's projects and seeing how great they look I decided to start working on the black outline of QS Oliana Otter.

Other bloggers have done all the outlining and then filled in the colours and I have so loved how that looks I decided to give it a go, so here she is, I started her Friday and have most of the 1st page black done. Didn't work on her on Sunday as was out home having a family dinner.

HAED - QS Oliana Otter

I know, I'm soooo bad, I should be working on Elegance of the Orient!


  1. But she does look so gorgeous, and I'm having the same problem with Hannah Lynn designs at the moment, I really want to stitch one, but I've got a Ravencroft kitted up already that I ought to start first.

    Can't wait to see your progress on her.

  2. She is gorgeous, no wonder you wanted to start her.

  3. Considering I go by Otter on just about everything, I HAD to go get this pattern! I didn't even know this existed. Thanks for giving into temptation and starting it.

  4. Welcome to the "new start" addicts club....I'm definitely a member! :) I love that look of doing the black first too...your stitching looks beautiful!

  5. Don't feel bad, this is a hobby and you do it for enjoyment....at least that's how I justify my new starts! I know what you mean about not feeling great and wanting a new start as I was the same last week. You are not alone :)

    I've seen people do the black outline then fill in the colour, it's looks a fun way to stitch the project. I've not really been a fan of Hannah Lynn but some of the pieces are starting to grow on me, I may have to cave with the sale on and maybe buy one!

    Hope you are feeling a bit brighter now, sending hugs your way!

  6. Sometimes we just need a new start to keep us going on an old project :) She looks great!


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