Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The second of my 4 mini projects - update

I have been travelling on the bus lately, however I am nearly done with my work away from home, so won't be travelling as much.

However I have found that I really love having a mini project on the go as I can pop it in my handbag and cart it around. I can then do some stitching on my lunch break or in a cafe.

I spent the evening in a cafe with my big sis for a little 'creativity in company' last week and got a good bit of work done on this one.
Mini project 2 - Ultimate Maria Diaz Collection Florals

It is nearly finished, just have to work 2 leaves, the white centre of the flower and the back stitching.
The colours in real life are much more vibrant than in the Ultimate Maria Diaz Collection bookazine.
Once this is finished I will move onto the 2 yellow/orange ones.


  1. It's so pretty! I never thought of carrying a little piece around with me. What a great idea! :D


  2. That's very pretty, great idea to carry a small project in your handbag.

  3. It's great because it means I can just bring a few bobbins of thread and not have to carry a big box around. That way I can do little bits while waiting for an appointment, traveling and on my lunch from work.

  4. I've always had respect for people who can carry around projects with them. All my projects are way too big to carry around with me :( I think it's great, though!


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