Thursday, April 12, 2012

I can not believe I was so forgetful

I was looking through my past posts trying to get labels on all if them so that all you lovely people can find what you really want to see, when I realised I have not updated a picture of the HAED Adele Sessler piece; Aveyond.

This was the very first HAED I started. It has since been renamed The Journey, not sure why.

Anyway I have completed page 1+2 and some of 3+4. I was really anxious to start on that beautiful couple so I moved down to the face on page 10 and have also done some of page 7,8+9.

However I messed up when I was gridding and managed to accidentally add in two extra horizontal rows so all my grids are currently out by 2, however so long as I remember that, it should be ok.

I will be doing my tutorial on parking tomorrow, just have to work on getting some good pictures.


  1. I like the colors so far. good job on your progress.

  2. Hi

    You have certainly done lots on this piece. It looks lovely!

  3. It's gorgeous! Congrats on so much progress!

  4. It's lovely! I love this design and I can't wait to see more update photo's of it.

  5. It's looking absolutely gorgeous. You're so brave to move around like that, I'd never get it right!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I am still not sure how much I like the sky though, I think it looks funny.

  7. Hey hun, Im always the same think things look funny - but the sky really does look great - so intense, and when you finish the design you will see it for yourself too I hope, There is something about the mountains I just love,

    Gems x


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