Monday, July 30, 2012

I really enjoy updates

Well like the title says, I really do love updates. I love seeing all your updates and getting to look at all the pretty stitching. I also love posting updates and sharing my work with all of you and reading your comments about.

I have been working on QS Clara outline, only had a bit of time this weekend but got some done. This one is so much fun I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to get to her face and see some of that come together.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

HAED QS Clara - 7hrs in

HAED QS Clara 8hrs in

HAED QS Clara 10.5hrs in


  1. I'm stitching my Clara by doing the black outline first and I'm loving it! You got loads done and I'm sure you're going to have yours finished far earlier than I will.

    Great progress and a great chart :)

  2. You are moving so quickly on Clara. I think you are making excellent progress

  3. It's looking gorgeous :-) Ages since I stitched a Haed but I found a WIP from years ago just yesterday so maybe it's fate ad I should try to finish it!
    Lori xx

  4. Your work on this is wonderful =)
    I love to see your updates =)


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