Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something kinda different - Mass Effect

Ok so it seems that a good number of crafter's are also gamers so I thought I would give my thoughts on Mass Effect for anyone who hasn't played but think they might be tempted.

So this will be a gaming post for anyone who wants to skip it.

I have been playing Mass Effect 1 of late because me OH has been telling me for a long time how good it is. A quick little breakdown, this is an RPG (role-playing game) set in space, in the future. It has quite an interesting moral choice system, but there is no black and white, good or bad way to play. There also is no 'right' way to play. I keep trying to make the 'right' choice but my OH keeps telling me to stop thinking like that and just play, making the choices that I think are the best for a particular situation.

Also some choices are not open to you to make until you level up in certain areas. While it has quite a linear way of playing you are also able to bounce around and do smaller quests in between dealing with the longer main story quests.

It has a really interesting and involving storyline and is great fun to play. I'm a big fan of RPG games and I really love a game with a good story so this one is really nice for me. So if you think you might be interested, it may be worth a try for you :)

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  1. Love your review, it is great to be reminded there are so many stitchers who are also games.


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