Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still here.....just about

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have been kinda off the radar a little lately. I have been very busy with career and study stuff. However I am hoping things will slow a little in the next couple of weeks.

Also my OH decided that getting me to play Skyrim just wasn't enough and has now started me on Mass Effect (the first one) as well!!! I won't go into the details for the sake of all those who are not into games, needless to say they are both great and are eating into craft time. I know there are some crafters out there who can sympathise.

Oh well, I do have a small update on Celtic Spring, I think she is coming along quite nicely though not particularly fast. She has quite a lot of beading in her which I am doing as I go along.

Lavender & Lace: Celtic Spring

Hope you are all doing great out there in blog land.


  1. Yes I do understand, how sometimes those games get in the way. Love Celtic Spring. Beautiful work. I really hate the beading part, maybe I will try to do it as I go, it won't seem so overwhelming at the end.

  2. Oh, I definitely can relate. Been playing Diablo 3... Not good for my stitching.

    Celtic Spring is gorgeous! I enjoy seeing your progress.


  3. She's looking absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see more

  4. She is looking lovely despite your gaming distractions

  5. Gorgeous stitching :-)

    I can relate, I got rid of the computer games because I have such an addictive personality and spent way too much time playing them when i should be doing other things!

    Lori xx

  6. This is a stunning project, absolutely lovely.

  7. My Boyfriend just got the Skyrim add-on. I don't think I'm ever going to see him again... it's a GREAT game, though - I can't wait to start playing it but I want to finish the Assassin's Creed games before I start.


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