Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another one off the list

Here is another of the mini florals I am stitching as Christmas presents. I had to change the colours in this one as well as the reds were too orangy and didn't look right. Again I will post the colour changes I made in these soon, so that anyone else who might want to stitch them has a choice of the colour palette.

Flowers in Focus - The World of Cross Stitching Issue 190 - Anemone

This is the second last mini floral I need to get done for Christmas. I have started the last one but don't have a picture at the minute to show you. 

Also for those who saw my previous post, the experiment went perfectly. The oil did not get onto either fabric and my scented sachets are now in my cross stitched ornaments. I can post some pictures of them tomorrow if you like.

These turned out so well that I am planning on doing more mini projects and finishing them in a similar way.

See you all soon :)


  1. Those are great colors. Glad the experiment went well.

  2. Do you backstitch as you go or do you wait until the end to finish it?

    1. Hey Regge. With these small designs I usually leave my back stitching to near the end. Sometimes I would work on the back stitching in the fully stitched areas if I was missing a colour to completely finish off the cross stitching. However on large projects I will sometimes do some of the back stitching as I go along, usually when there is a feature which looks very ill defined without the back stitching, like a face. More often than not though I leave the majority of the back stitching to the end. Surprisingly I don't mind back stitching that much so I have no problem doing it all at once. Sorry for the long reply.

  3. I love all these flowers you have been stitching

  4. Good job on those mini sachets-things with oil. Maybe I will try on of those one day, and the designs are adorable too. Who will you give the flowers to?


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