Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Time for Everything

Well I have done a few small cross stitch projects during the year and I have been wondering what to do with them. So taking some inspiration from all you lovely people I decided to finish some as hanging ornaments.

 But I wanted to give it a bit of a twist and make them into scented sachets that look pretty and smell lovely.

So I had to stitch the back material in such as way that whoever gets them can change out the scented sachet if they like.

Here is the result without the filling. I think they turned out great:

Front 1

Back 1
Front 2

Back 2

So then I needed some muslin bags and a scented filling. I had a look online and muslin bags were fairly expensive but a metre of muslin was super cheap on EBay so I bought it and made my own bags:

Muslin Bags

Then I was finding it difficult to find dried lavender that wasn't a crazy price, alas no luck. However I did find instructions on making sachet filling with lavender oil and rice online HERE.

I decided to give it a go and here is my scented rice and my muslin bags all filled

Rice and oil mix

The Experiment.

But then I thought: what if the oil gets onto my lovely ornaments they end up with big oily stains so in the above picture I have one bag on a piece of AIDA and the other on a piece of cotton. I will leave them over night and see if the oil gets on the material. Also over night the oil should dry out fairly well and just leave the scented rice in its place.

I think the next time though I would put interfacing on the reverse of the stitching just to keep it safe, but we live and learn.

This is my first attempt at anything like this as normally I would frame the things I make. What do you think?


  1. I think. It is. Genious! How creative of you to think of how to do that! I love them. :D


  2. Great work! Hope the experiment turns out well.

  3. They look fantastic! And what a great idea to make them so you can change the scent sachet....so clever!

  4. I love the Holly Hobbie girls - reminds me of the 1970s when I was young - sigh! You have done a great job, clever girl.

  5. This is one of the most clever finishes that I've seen! What a terrific idea for x-stitch - thank you so much for sharing!!!! I love the designs you've used.

  6. Lovely stitching and a great idea.

    well done for thinking about the oil BEFORE it seeped through too!


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