Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Melinda

Thank you for your comment on my previous post. However I was half asleep when I got the e-mail and accidentally deleted the comment instead of publishing it. Very sorry about that.

Please do feel free to comment again in the future and I will try to ensure that I am fully conscious before trying to use a touch screen phone :)

I do appreciate all my comments and be assured that this was purely a human error brought about by sleepiness. I hope it has not discouraged you from visiting this blog in the future (even if most of my posts also seem to be on the losing end of my sleep deprived state) :D

Have a great day all :)


  1. I am so afraid I will do this when approving comments from my phone! It's a hazard of the convenience, for sure!

  2. You are so kind to mention this in a post - I am too nosey and out spoken to stop posting comments on your blog. I enjoy it so much, you are so real.


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