Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New mini start

My stitching time has been so limited lately, I decided to do something a little smaller that I can work on, on study and work breaks. I decided to do one of the Margaret Sherry designs that came in a Summer Fun booklet. It came free with a magazine. I can't remember which one, will let you all know when I find that out.

Anyway this is the booklet cover and I am doing the one of the Hedgehog in the lower left corner:

This is the first Margaret Sherry I have done and it is really fun so far. However I have encountered a problem, one of the browns charted doesn't look right it's too dark compared to the other brown used so I will have to frog it and use a different more appropriate colour.

Welcome to all my new visitors from the Grow your Blog Party. I haven't had the time to sit down and look through the blogs involved but I will get to it as soon as I have a chance. I am really looking forward to getting to look through all those wonderful blogs and getting to know you all.

Have a great day all :)


  1. Oh it makes me dream of summer! Winter has only just begun and here I am wishing for summer already! Too bad about the mis-chart!!! I hate frogging - actually loath is more like it.

    Can't wait to see it finished :)


  2. Hello

    I love your new start - Margaret Sherry designs are always fun.
    Have a good week.

  3. I love the design and I see what you mean about the brown in the design :(

    I have stitched one of her designs as a card some years ago, they are lovely fun designs, I hope to stitch one again in the future.

    Looking forward to seeing it completed!

  4. Love Margaret Sherry designs :)
    That hedgehog is really sweet *Ü*

  5. Cute design! What a great booklet, you'll be spoiled for choice with all these fab designs.

  6. Love the little hedgie! Hope you find the correct colour. I know for me, most of the MS charts are Anchor, and I mostly use DMC, so I have to convert all the keys, but not too bad with the conversion chart I have. Good Luck, it's so cute! :)

  7. Wow this is coming along great :-)

  8. Very cute, I hope you manage to find the right brown :)

  9. I love your start. Cant wait too see it grow through to the end! I'm a big Margaret Sherry fan xxx


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