Friday, February 1, 2013

Every little bit helps

I have been working in little bits on MS Hedgehog. It has been mostly background sky that I have managed to get done on this. It is coming along very slowly but is a nice way to clear the mind on breaks.

MS Summer Fun Booklet Hedgehog
I am hoping to do quite a few little mini projects during the year as they can be made them into some lovely gifts. I am going to experiment a little with a few ideas I have floating around so keep your eyes peeled for those. There might even be a giveaway or two of some of the results :)

Have a great day all :)


  1. Hedgie is coming along nicely! Looking forward to seeing your ideas.

  2. HedgeHog is looking great. Looking forward to your experiments, love your ideas

  3. Little hedgie is coming along nicely! No pressure stitching is the way to go! And I agree experimenting with your ideas about projects is wonderful . Love to see them later on! :)


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