Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I joined in a SAL on Heather's Stitching Story blog for the last weekend. However I got absolutely nothing done in my stitching. Not even a tiny half cross stitch, nothing, nadda, zip. So my apologies to anyone who has been coming to my blog looking for some progress, which does not exist.

I have something big to get done in my regular life and it is sucking away all my time. However I do have a little bit of an update for YOTA on Saturday.

I am going to try and get a little bit more done on my Hedgehog, Thistle as he is named, over the next couple of days and hopefully will have something for you in a few days.

Have a great day :)


  1. Hope to see you back stitching soon! :)

  2. I think we all have days like that :-) I am supposed to be working my HAED Ariadne this coming weekend as part of my rotations, but apart from sorting out my mistake on it I will be spending my time trying to finish two other smaller projects as I am a little behind with my stitching schedule .

  3. Hi
    Do you mind explaining what SAL is and how it works? I've read about it and kinda embarrass to ask about it ☺. So if you don't mind explaining it to me, I'll be grateful.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there Caroline. No need to be embarrassed. I had to ask my first time too :) SAL stand for stitch a long. It basically means that people stitch a long together and show their progress as they go. I have a tab at the top of my blog which has some of the other terms you might come across. Feel free to ask any and all questions you have.

    2. Thanks for replying! ��

      So it mean that everybody just stitch the same pattern, at their own place, at their own time, and then show their progress. And hopefully finish at the same time, more or less.

      Ok then...so glad to know about it ��

    3. Well it's not necessarily the same pattern everyone can do their own thing. They don't have to start or finish their pattern at the same time. It's more just an excuse to stitch and share your progress with others.

    4. Oh wow.

      Maybe everyone can make their own rules :)

      I read on FB (a friend of friend of friend, something like that) she propose a SAL using the same pattern and within specific time frame. A month I think. And the pattern is quite simple. So that's why I thought every SAL is like that.

      But I like your explanation better. SAL is just an excuse to stitch and share your progress :D

    5. My experience has been that there are two things stitchers love. Stitching and drooling over others stitching :D


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