Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Can I do it?

I think it is time to re-evaluate my projects at the moment. I seem to keep bouncing from one to the next and I will never finish anything that way. I am therefore going to try to cut down the projects I am working on to a smaller number. Usually when I do this the only thing I want to work on is the one thing I said I shouldn't and then all my plans collapse. So I think if I have a small number of diverse projects I should find something I like and might just manage a finish or two (hopefully).

So I am going to work on the following:

Bridge of Wings - HAED
QS Clara - HAED
Elegance of the Orient - Dimensions Gold
Majestic Peacock - Dimensions Gold (YOTA)
Mystery Project (Shhhh it's a secret)
Upcoming SAL - details to be released soon.
One mini project - MS Hedgehog

So I have cut out:

QS Literate Dragon - BB SAL
QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask - HAED
QS Oliana Otter - HAED
Aveyond (The Journey) - HAED
Celtic Spring - Lavender & Lace
Awakening - HAED (though I wasn't really working on it anyway)
A Mini project - Some Bunny to love (which I haven't posted here yet)

The plan: work on anything in the top list that takes my fancy, but only that list. Make no new starts (except the upcoming SAL) and once something is finished, a project from the second list will be moved up. The mini project one though will only be replaced by another mini project.

I really hope this will work and I will manage to finish some projects - though now all I can think of is how much I want to work on Celtic Spring :D


  1. LOL! That sounds like me. I started out with the intention of sticking to my list, but then someone sent me a pattern - WITH THREADS - and how can you not start that????? : ) I did have a small finish last night, though, so I think it's time to redo my list and start again with good intentions. : ) Good luck!!


  2. That is a fantastic list! Lots of lovely stitchy fun ^_^

  3. I think you can do it!
    I need to get back to a planned stitching routine myself since I've been so carried away with it the last year. I used to be so good at following a plan and sticking to it. Perhaps following along with you will be the goad I need.
    Either way, enjoy the stitching. That is the important thing.

  4. It sounds very well-planned strategy! Whenever I look at my stash, I always tempted to have a new start. And I just can't prevent myself from being a potential "stichaholic".

  5. lol - all great projects i can see why you want to work on them all at once - i have the same problem which i'm trying to control but its not easy, too many temptations out there! hope to see a finish soon ; )

  6. You have some great projects on your list. I did the same thing from my last year list to this and it seems to be working. It's only April and I have 5 finishes which is close to what I finished all of last year. Good luck with your new rotation.

  7. Big hug of stitching energy to you!! :)


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