Monday, April 29, 2013

I have been doing stuff

Well I have been doing some stitching and things, however I have nothing to show you. I have a good reason though. I was doing some work on my Mystery Stitch. This is a present for someone and on the off chance they see this blog I don't want to ruin the surprise. However I am taking progress pictures so once it has been handed over to its recipients I will have a complete progress post. I will give you a small hint, it is a silhouette design so lots of black.

I have also been getting all my threads ready for a new start. I am going to be doing a SAL with a fellow blogger, Spices up your life. The first post will be on the 15th of May. We are working on Jacek Yerka's Autumn (Click here for artwork). I am starting on page one and will be posting my progress once a month. I will also create a tab at the top with progress pics and links to other progress as well. We would also like to offer the opportunity to anyone else who is interested in stitching this one to join in with us. Just let one of us know and we can all stitch along together. We are doing this one goal free, so it will be whatever we can manage month to month.

I did do a little calculating for this one though and found something interesting, yet terrifying. This chart uses 23 skeins of 3371. With each skein being 8m long that is 184m of 3371, however as we all know we only use 2 strands at a time of the six. Therefore that means it is 184m x 3 which is 552m of 3371 stitched into this piece and that is just one of the colours used, though it is the largest amount of any colour used.


  1. I have one even more terrifying than that! It is stitched over one and so uses only one thread at a time and has 14 skeins of 3031! And that is also just one of the colors!!! Laura

  2. OK, this is the second time today I've had to post a comment saying "I'm doing the same thing!". How weird is that!

  3. Yes, very terrifying and all of the DMC thread carriers in my place ran out of 3371 because of me. I can hear their scream from here...

  4. Wow! That's an amazing chart. I will happily watch your progress with Spices of your Life, but don't count me in! LOL


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