Tuesday, October 29, 2013

QS Literate Dragon update

I had some time to myself this weekend so I had fun working on my HAED BB SAL piece, QS Literate Dragon. He is coming along nicely now and I am close to the half page 1 finish. When I first started working on him I hated it because it was so confetti intense but I has now changed my way of stitching a bit and he is much more fun.

Here is where he was last time:

And here he is now:

So I am going to continue with him for a while. I want to get page one finished by the close of the SAL at least. I am sort of trying to get myself back to working on a smaller number of projects. Unfortunately I need to get SomeBunny finished and page one of this done before I can cull my WIP list back to hopefully 2/3 projects max. Wish me luck :)


  1. HUGE progress on your SAL!!! Well done, anyone stitching a HAED design is brave to me!!! I gave up on mine...

  2. Good luck... The dragon is looking good but all that floss hanging still scares me.


  3. Thats a huge amount of progress! Well done! Its looking less and less likely I will even finish one page in time for the SAL Deadline...x

  4. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it more now! I love how you park it looks fascinating. He looks well worth the effort of all that confetti!!!
    Alicia xox

  5. It's a great design. Awesome progress:)

  6. Great progress. Love the colors in this one.

  7. wow... looking good.

    don't you get confused with all those floss hanging around??

  8. Sometimes it feels like all the SAL pieces are a confetti nightmare... but we join the SALs anyway ;-)
    Your dragon looks wonderful =)

  9. Looks fantastic! I used to complain about confetti, until my autumn cat. Cheering you on for page goal!

  10. wow ! :)
    those confetti stitches are awesome
    you made such a progress...I really admire your patience =)
    very well done


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