Saturday, October 26, 2013

Feet and some of his head

I  have some more SomeBunny progress for you all. I finished off the pants and feet, stitched his tail and made a start on his head. I really adore the soft pastel shades in this one. I also love how quickly he stitches up.

SomeBunny to Love - World of Cross Stitching 2010-2011 Calendar
I have been a little distracted from my stitching lately but I have decided to dedicate the next few days to it and am working on my HAED BB SAL Literate Dragon. Hopefully I will have some progress to show soon.

Also thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments, it makes me so happy to read all of them. I do email reply to all comments except those marked as noreply, so if you would like to get replies just change that option. However if you have a question and have noreply on I will reply to your comment in a post so keep an eye out. I really appreciate all my readers and you all make me smile:)


  1. Good progress. Love your bunny rabbit s!

  2. Great progress and the colors are very pretty.


  3. It's coming along really nicely!!

  4. LOL How did I think the green bit was a leaf in your previous post. Yep it's obviously his pants. Silly Crafty Princess. Coming along really nicely.
    Alicia xo

  5. very nice progress on this cute guy =)
    the colours are very sweet
    beautiful stitches as always :)


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