Monday, October 21, 2013

IHSW Update and a couple of Thank You's

Well I didn't manage to get a lot done over the weekend but I did work a bit on Some Bunny as that has a deadline. I finished off the majority of his pants. I don't have a finished picture so in case anyone is wondering, he is looking off to the right with his hands behind him pulling a long a little cart with a toy cow in it.

I know sometimes it can be impossible to figure out how something is going to look.

SomeBunny to Love - World of Cross Stitching 2010-2011 Calendar
I think I am going to give a go at trying to get some Christmas Ornaments done for some people this year so stay tuned for those coming up soon.

I recently entered giveaways on By The Babbling Brooke and My Creative Corner and won something from both! I would like to thank these two lovely crafters for sending me on some goodies.

I got a lovely knitting pattern book from My Creative Corner

From By The Babbling Brooke I got a lovely chart called Red Convertible, a cute teddy bear chart booklet and a beautiful handmade travel tissue holder.

Sorry about the dark photos. I want to say another huge thank you to you both for your amazing packages.


  1. Good progress on you Somebunny..I know which design you mean:-)

  2. Well done on the wins!

    Great progress on Somebunny, I really hope you make your deadline!

  3. You are most welcome! Hope it comes in handy x

  4. Congrats on the wins and Somebunny looks good.


  5. Lovely wins and a little stitching is better then none.

  6. Your bunny is looking really good!

  7. First off-Lucky You!! Heavenly designs you won! And I too, finished a Somebunny design this weekend, but as it's a centre for baby quilt, I won't be able to show until after the holidays. It's one from the 'Somebunny to Love' Sampler. :) And I too am starting my Christmas Ornaments this week!! lol Happy Stitching!! :)

  8. Always love seeing your bunny rabbits! Congrats on some great wins!

  9. Very nice wins. Love the bunny.

  10. Ooohh... I love Somebunny too, he's so adorable. And your photos are fine. Happy stitching! :D


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