Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Autumn SAL

It's the 15th and my regular readers will know that means it's time for an update on Autumn. I didn't do as well as I had hoped this month but then this month has been beyond crazy here. I was hoping I might get the page I am working on finished but that didn't happen but I did make some progress.

Last month:

HAED - Autumn - as at 15th Feb 2014
And here I am this month:

HAED - Autumn - as at 15th March 2014
I couldn't seem to manage a good photo of this one, it kept coming out a little blurred. Please take a look at my SAL partner on this over at Spices up Your Life!

Hope you enjoyed this month's post on Autumn, I am hoping I will be back with more regular updates in the very near future.


  1. I think you did a really good job. Will post mine soon when I can find my camera lol

  2. You're making great progress.

  3. Great progress! Haed's are so detailed and your work looks amazing. It must be nice to have a Sal partner as motivation too.

  4. Still some good progress is there eventhough it could not go as planned. Keep stitching. I haven't touched my WIPs for last 3-4 days and I guess next 2-3 days too I won't get any time :(

  5. I am always amazed watching a HAED grow. You made great progress.

  6. I always say a little progress is better than no progress :-)

  7. It's looking great! Anybody who stitches HAED's knows that the confetti stitching makes for slower progress. But SO worth it!

  8. Great progress =) I love how this comes out =)

  9. This piece is so detailed. I love it. You are making great progress.

  10. Definitely good progress. Sometimes with HAED's it takes a while to see but this looks great!

  11. Beautiful! You are making great progress.

  12. what is the 15th of the month without a picture of the progress on Autumn ?? nothing =)
    fantastic stitching !
    good progress this month again !
    very well done.
    February has been a small month so stitching days less :D
    Happy stitching, meet you again on the & 15th of April Autumn :)

  13. I look forward to the 15th just for your wip on Autumn. It amazes me every time I see your achievement. The detail is truly stunning!
    Alicia xo


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