Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stitch from Stash April

It's Stitch from Stash time again being held by Mel over at Epic Stitching. Unfortunately this month I don't have a zero spend. I bought the first of the New Age Cross Stitch Digital Magazine so my spend this month was $4.99. Still I think that was pretty good. In the interest of full disclosure though I will admit that I stashed in a few of my other crafts, I bought some stuffing for finishes, a set of crochet hooks and some House Mouse unmounted stamps.

Here is how I did:

Amount Spent: $4.99
New Starts from Stash: None
WIPs or UFOs worked on: Dimensions Gold Majestic Peacock & HAED Autumn.
Some piccies:

As some of you will already know I am waiting for replacement thread to finish Peacock. However this month I haven't been doing much stitching. I have completed a few finishes. Here are the piccies:

I have mostly been knitting and learning how to spin yarn with a drop spindle. I will post my progress on those in my next update.



  1. Lovely finishes, they are adorable!

  2. Oh my, adorable little pillows! I can't even imagine myself stitching something so huge and full of details like the wips u r working on but i find it so so gorgeous! Congrats!!

  3. Great job on your SFS this month!!

  4. lovely finishing and wips (:

  5. Love the peacock! And I definitely want that ezine myself. Have placed it on my wishlist when it first came out.

  6. You have such beautiful projects on the go. I'd love to stitch a peacock design soon.

  7. $4,99 is nothing :D
    it's always a pleasure to see you stitchings ;)
    I hope you'll soon receive the missing threads for that wonderful peacock !
    happy stitching and big big hugs :)

  8. Well done on such a low spend. Your projects are all amazing.

  9. You are doing great on your Stitch from Stash! Very nice finishes.

  10. Wow that's amazing I could not keep to this budget. I'm impressed. All your wips look fantastic too!

    Alicia xo

  11. Love your finishes - they look great! Hope you get your replacement threads soon so you can finish up your Peacock.


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