Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Game of Spot the Difference

On my last Autumn SAL post some of my lovely readers joked that it was like playing a game of spot the difference. This made me giggle and unfortunately I don't have a lot to show again this month so you all get to play again. I didn't get much done on this as I was very busy the last couple of weeks.

I did manage to get some more filled in on the large branch on page 2 and got a few lengths of the brown on page 19 which is the third page down on the left.

Here is where I was last month:

This is my progress this month:

I would really like to make some really good progress on this piece this month so hopefully I will at least have page 2 finished and maybe some other work done as well.

Do check out my SAL partner Gwen, HERE, to see some stunning progress on this chart.


  1. That's how I feel whenever I post my progress. I always feel like I haven't done much since I kinda stitch slowly. I can see the difference, though!

  2. It looks great and I can see the progress.


  3. XD you've done great job. It looks expanded, does it? I spotted the differences, there are many though!

  4. You can definitely spot the difference! Great job ;)

  5. Love this time of the month for yours and Gwen's post. It looks amazing. Good luck with your goals on this SAL, you can do it. Happy Stitching!
    xox Alicia

  6. I can see progress!!! Well done! Come on you can do it :)


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