Friday, June 27, 2014

June SFS

I, like many others, can not believe it is the end of June already! This month really did just seem to fly past. Hope everyone is enjoying whichever season you are currently in :)

Anyway onto the interesting stuff. It is Stitch From Stash time again, the explanation for this is really all in the name but if you want to know more just head over to Epic Stitching.

So how did I do in SFS this month:

Amount Spent: $0.00
New Starts from Stash: Somebunny to Love - The World of Cross Stitching Issue 179
WIPs or UFOs worked on: Dimensions Gold Elegance of the Orient, HAED QS Clara & HAED Autumn.
I did purchase a RAK for another stitcher and I am not sure if that counts toward my budget. If anyone knows, could they tell me and I can add it into next months budget instead, if that is ok with everyone. It was under the $25 limit.
Some piccies:

I also did a couple of finishes, which I will add piccies of here as well, although they have already appeared on my blog.


  1. Beautiful stitching on all your wonderful projects, and I love you finishes!

    June really did fly by. It's summer for me right now, so I don't like when the months fly by so quickly. I always wonder why the winter months don't do the same?!

  2. June certainly did fly by! Love all your stitching and're making me feel guilty of the pile of finished stitching that I have to do something with!

  3. Great job this month! And gifts are free, so you don't need to add it in. : )


  4. Such beautiful projects coming on! Love the Japanese lady xxx

  5. Wonderful progress. I so love Clara. Cute finishes.


  6. Beautiful progress as usual. I don't do SFS but personally wouldn't count RAKs as part of the budget. Hopefully you made somebody very happy! :)

  7. Wonderful stitching and you did a great job on the finishing. I'm pretty sure RAKs don't count, but even if it did, you kept within budget so great job!

  8. Gorgeous stitching! No idea about RAK. Maybe email Mel? She is great at responding with advise etc.


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