Monday, March 23, 2015

Stitch From Stash and The Budget Experiment Part 2

Month: March
Spent: $5.25
Earn: $8.00

This month I unfortunately didn't manage a zero spend. A very good friend of mine expressed an interest in learning to cross stitch, so I offered to teach her. I decided to pick up one to two supplies I didn't have in my stash to suit the chosen project.

However I did manage to earn some funds for a couple of finishes from my stash that I made. I have only taken earned funds for two of the three finishes, as the Lickle Ted project was one I had started before January and as it is small I decided to just leave it out.

Here are my projects for March:

Summer Mini Cross Stitch Finish. Cross Stitch Summer Ornament
Sweet Treats - Cupcake of the Month - The World of Cross Stitching Issue 192

Mini cross stitch pattern. Swirl Sheep Cross Stitch Ornament Finish
Swirly Sheep - Christy Schmitz -

Mini Cross Stitch Ornament. Small Lickle Ted Cross Stitch Finish
Lickle Ted - Christmas Stitch Kit - The World of Cross Stitching

Heaven and Earth Cross Stitch in Progress. HAED Bridge of Wings by SPML Cross Stitch WIP
HAED - Bridge of Wings
I also started a new mini project, a free Somebunny to Love design from DMC. I just thought it was so cute. The chart can be found here: DMC Somebunny to Love Free Chart

Work in progress on Somebunny to love DMC chart girl bunny. WIP on Somebunny to love mini chart.
Somebunny to Love - DMC Free Chart -
My attempts at controlling my spending are on going and I am continuing to try new techniques. I am still using the reward system, if you missed that post you can read it here: Stitch from stash and the Experiment to Spend Less. This is continuing to assist me in cutting much of my unnecessary spending. The last few weeks haven't seen much added to the reward jar, as I have needed to purchase some supplies for a craft class I am taking.

The new technique I have added this month is a food budget. I know that probably sounds incredibly obvious to many of you but I have never really paid much attention to a food budget. In the past I often used my credit card to buy groceries and as such would often overspend. Now I have allowed myself a certain amount, which I withdraw in cash on payday. This amount must be sufficient to cover grocery costs for the week. Any money left over at the end of the week goes toward the budget limit for the following one.

I have forbidden myself from using the credit card for grocery shops. This is working well for me so far and has led to smaller grocery bills and less food waste.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have on my new attempt to curtail my spending in the comments section.


  1. Great finishes and progress and nice start. I'll have to check out that Somebunny chart, I like the first colour already. I hope the teaching goes well and good luck with adjusting your habits. That's a lesson I've learned too, we use a budgeting tool called GnuCash.

  2. Great job on both your budgeting and your stitching! I try to shop for 2 weeks with cash and follow a menu plan so I can make up a shopping list before the trip. If I just go and browse I'll go way over budget! I save a little out for the second week for produce and milk and eggs and whatever I might have forgotten.

  3. Some weeks we are extremely tight with money. I literally add up the cost of items as I shop. I know how much I have to spend and cannot go over it.

  4. Well done my dear
    Lovely finishes and great projects xx

  5. Great stitching!!!
    I find that if you plan your meals in advance, you only buy what you need & therefore spend less & waste less :)

  6. Your finishes are so cute. Great job with your budget. You are an inspiration.


  7. I don't think this is a suggestion but more of a snippet of experience in the spending department: It takes time to make your new habit stick, but it sounds like you already have it going on! I've taken to doing a "pattern buying fast" which means any new patterns I obtain are either free or gifts to me. I've cleared all wish lists except for HAED (it needs to be there in case of RAK and I'm always hopeful) but it works! WEll, until I read a blog with some pattern in it (claudette and her start a day) that I find attractive :D

  8. Wow! You've managed to do a lot. I've also tried to stay on budget with my hobbies, but it's hopeless. Especially now that I've gotten myself ye another new hobby, bead weaving. With just cross stitch stuff I might stay on budget. =)

  9. Lots of good fin projects and great work on the budgeting, which is something that I constantly struggle with! My only advice is if you "fall off the wagon" don't give up. Keep striving to meet those goals and you will see the changes that you want.

  10. Your doing great on your not spending alot. Wish I could do the same.


  11. Good job on your SFS for the month.

    For us I plan out a menu and then shop from the list only after checking the kitchen to see if we have anything already on hand. It does help! As for stash I just look at my mountain of unstitched stash and tell myself I already have more than enough.

  12. Great work on you stitching, that sheep is so cute! =)

    Well, I am trying to make some food plans. BF and I often come home in the evening realizng there is no food in the house to cook with (can't have noodles every day...) so we often order food which is more expensive and often unhealthy ;-) So we are now trying to plan the week before shopping, so we don't need to order food. The bills for food went up a bit but compared to what we spent on going to restaurants and so on, I think it is less :D
    But I think your plan not to use the credit card anymore sounds good. One tends to loose the feeling on how much you actually spent if you pay everything via card ;-)

  13. Lovely finishes :-) as for a food budget I've had to be careful in the past when the children were young. Good idea about the credit card, don't shop when you're hungry and make a list :-) good luck

  14. Love the stitching! You are doing great work on sticking to a budget, I'm so pleased for you.

  15. Well done on your budget
    I am gone try your reward system starting 1 april
    Hopefully that keeps me on track :)
    Lovely finishes

  16. Great going on the SFS and you have done some lovely stitching this month!
    I do the grocery thing as well...but only draw enough for the essentials (bread milk etc). This month I'm going to try doing a monthly non-perishable shop...instead of popping in all the time to get that can of baked beans and walking out with loads more than I wanted! I'm contemplateing putting my credit card on ice ....freezing it in water :D Good luck with the savings!

  17. Oh....and I forgot to say.....Somebunny? Again ? :D (remembering your last stitch :D
    Thanks for the link!

  18. Wonderful projects :-) Congrats on sticking with your budget. I still can't get a handle on my craft spending. For food spending, we make a two week menu and a list that goes with it and try to only do the shopping once every two weeks. Good luck with your budgeting!

  19. Lovely little projects and good for your friend for learning a new and wonderful hobby. :D Did you warn her that soon she will be finding any and all excuses to sit and stitch for a while?

    Interesting on your food budget! I use a card for groceries but that is because it also earns rewards. I don't really keep a food budget because I make meal plans for the next week or so based on what is on sale and usually buy the sale items in bulk. I do one pork, beef, chicken meal as well as one or two vegetarian meals (my husband isn't a big cooked fish lover, sadness). Leftovers on the weekends. Plus the plan eliminates that "urgh what do I cook tonight" feeling and we don't eat out as much!

  20. Adorable finishes!
    Well done on teaching another to stitch!

  21. I've got a tip for you....don't RAK other stitchers!
    Your stitching is lovely this month but I have to echo Thoeria and wonder whether we will be cheering you on with that Somebunny for months to come.
    Hopefully you will soon receive lots of lovely cupcake charts to keep you busy!

  22. Ohhh I love your Lickle Ted :) too cute!
    Great work :)

  23. Lovely finishes for the month! And I think you're doing a great job controlling the spending. Keep it up! :D


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