Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crafting CD Roms

In the spirit I have expressed of blogging about something other than cross stitch, I would like to talk a little about paper crafting CD Roms.

I have a good number of CD Roms from a few different producers such as Crafter's Companion, Joanna Sheen and Elusive Images. I will say right now that I love CD Roms. The only problem with them is that when I get a new one I have a habit of printing out all the things I like the look of straight away which defeats one of the main advantages of CD's: the lack of space they take up.

There are different types of CD's some give you everything from the toppers to the inserts to the envelopes. Others are more specific only offering backing papers. The CD's which have all co-ordinating toppers, backing papers etc. create very nice and easy cards.

I use a 160gsm paper for backing papers and a 220gsm card for toppers as I prefer the look of the toppers on card rather than on photo paper.

Even though backing paper CD's may seem very limited I find them extremely useful for wonderful papers to use with stamps, decoupage etc. I especially like the Elusive Images CD backing papers, many of which now have co-ordinating inserts and sentiments.

Another wonderful advantage of CD's is that you can print out the items as many times as you need so you do not have to worry about making mistakes or if you want to make more than one of the same card.

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