Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh the agonising

Well it has been a while since I posted and I apologise. Life has been very hectic and is becoming increasingly stressful.
I have been doing some cross stitching though. I have been working a lot on my Lickle Ted pattern and I am almost finished him, just need to add a little more backstitching and he will be ready to be sent to a new home. Not sure where yet. I will post a picture once he is complete.

I  have also been agonising (here is where the title comes in) about my HAED's I am currently stitching 3 on 28ct 2x1 tent stitch and one on 25ct 2x1 tent stitch. However I keep looking at forums, blogs and the HAED BB and keep seeing ones I really like in tent and others where I prefer full x stitches both 1x1 and 2x1 on both 25 and 28ct.

I did lots of testing when I started and decided on the tent however I am wondering if I should do one using full x stitches and see how it turns out. This may just be a way for me to talk myself into a new start however :)

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