Friday, August 17, 2012

Is it weird?

Is it weird that I keep looking at my own WIP's? I get my love of stitching from looking at other people's work but I also get a kick from looking at my own work and seeing how it is progressing. It almost seems a little self-centred though that I enjoy looking at my own work :D I wonder if anyone else gets enjoyment from looking at their projects.

However I have to admit ones that are going on a long time do tend to annoy me after a while. Close to the end of The Dreamer I wanted to throw it out the window, it lost all enjoyment and became such a chore. Then when I put aside my desire to finish it and just enjoyed doing the stitching I felt much better about it.

I would also like some stitcher input on a little problem I'm having. If you look at my WIP tab and have a quick look at The Journey (Aveyond), I am really unhappy with how the sky looks. My OH thinks it looks quite nice but it is really annoying me. I feel like I really don't want to do anymore on this, which would be a shame as I love the artwork. I know it's difficult to render such gradual colour blends in cross stitch as those that are in the sky of this one. It's just one of those things. I would love some thoughts on it, should I continue or is it destined to be relegated to the status of UFO?

Have a great day :)


  1. I think it's great that you love looking at your own WIP's! I'm pretty critical of my own work so tend not too look as I just find faults!

    I think The Journey looks great, it's a beautiful chart and it's coming together well. Don't forget that sometimes these charts do look a little strange, but once it's stitched it all comes together. Have you tried looking for other WIP's or completed works of it and seeing what they look like? That might help you as when you see how amazing it looks when completed it'll spur you on to finish.

  2. Every morning I have my coffee and do all my "online stuff", and my computer is in my craft room. While it's booting up I look at the stitching I did on the previous day and figure out what I want to get done that day. Looking at my progress keeps me motivated.

    I agree that the Journey looks great! I see what you mean about the sky looking a little different than the picture it's based on, but I also agree that it will all come together when you get the green in that tree next to it done.
    I'm working a HAED (Home is Where the Magic Is), and I was so excited about the fairy in the sky, and SO disappointed that it doesn't look NEARLY as good as the one in the picture. But as I progress I focus less on that and more on the piece as a whole, and with more stitching done it does look a little better.
    I say keep stitching on it and have faith that it will all come together!

  3. I am the same way, I love looking at my WIP's...its great to compare older photos to the new ones to see how far you have really come!
    Maybe you could get OH to hold Journey up and look at it from across the room; I find with HAED's, some of them just don't look right until you look at them from father away, while others look fine no matter what distance you are. One of the WIP's I have, Ascendant, is the same way.


  4. I am the same - been able to see how much you have done week to week gives me motivation to carry on!

    I think Journey is looking great, I want to add it to my wish list now...

    Emma xo

  5. I don't think it's weird at all... I keep all the progress photos I take for my blog until I finish a project so that I can flick through them and see the project grow!


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