Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gasp....Some stitching!!!

Finally I have manage to put some stitches into something. At the moment that something is my Some Bunny design. I did notice that YOTA came and went this month without a post from me (very bold) but I am hoping to do way better with YOTA next year.

Anyway here is my little bunny:

SomeBunny to Love - World of Cross Stitching 2010-2011 Calendar
I will be continuing on with him to the finish now so hopefully you will see some more progress soon.

My plan for next year is thus: I'm going to work on 3 projects only at a time, they will be Majestic Peacock for YOTA, Autumn for my Autumn SAL and a mini (ornie or some such). Once I finish Majestic Peacock I will move onto another UFO or WIP. I am determined to reduce my WIP/UFO pile.


  1. Great stitching! I have already decided on my YOTA prject for next year, its a biggie so I know I won't need to pick another! :P

  2. Qué lindos tus bordados! me encantaron. Yo bordé durante muchos años, ahora no lo puedo hacer por motivos de salud, pero es algo que me gustaba mucho. Tengo todavía cuadros sin enmarcar.

  3. Good for you for making a plan! I haven't had a chance to think about next year too much yet, usually the week after Christmas, but a plan always seems to ensure I get the most stitching done! Laura

  4. Great plan! You will hopefully feel like you are progressing more quickly with focus on just a few pieces.

  5. Lovely progress on the bunny project! I don't seem to have a plan :) I think I'll just go with the flow! I have started a big project but to avoid getting bored, I'll make sure I also do some quick little ones!

  6. this little fellow is well progressing and is already lovely, Somebunny's colours are always so sweet =)
    I need to do just like you and prepare my to do list for next year !
    hopefully I won't be in a hurry each month =D
    happy stitching


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